Bonding & Teeth Whitening

Improve Your Beautiful Smile

Closing Spaces with Bonding

Do you have cracked, chipped, stained and discolored, or misshapen teeth? Small imperfections can easily be treated with the use of a cosmetic dentistry procedure called Bonding. Tooth colored filling material is applied  (bonded) to the surface of the tooth to mask the imperfections or replace the missing portion of the tooth.

We offer custom whitening treatments (bleaching) to brighten your smile ranging from home tooth whitening treatments to in-office power whitening. Our professional In-office whitening procedure takes approximately 90 minutes.  This is the quickest way to see immediately whiter teeth. Patients will often whiten prior to completing cosmetic changes to achieve the desired degree of brightness for their teeth.

Watch our video of the whitening process to know what to expect.


Restoring Small Teeth back to Normal Size


Dr. Etemadi is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which focuses on techniques that help you achieve your best smile. Trying to decide between veneers and bonding? Let us help you decide which is best for your specific situation.

View our Smile Gallery to see more examples of what Cosmetic Dentistry can do for you.

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