Preventive Dentistry

Dental Care for the Entire Family

Cleaning and Exams for Patients of All Ages


Your New Patient Experience includes:

  • Advanced digital X-rays and photographs
  • A professional oral health assessment, oral cancer screening and tooth by tooth exam with our dentists- a diagnosis of cavities, cracks and other potential tooth issues.
  • A thorough cleaning and gum disease screening by one of our skilled and friendly dental hygienists-assessing the health of your gums
  • A complimentary cosmetic consultation and smile analysis, if desired.
  • A personal, customized treatment plan with short and long-term options for all of your dental needs

Join us for a dental visit like you have never experienced before. Upon arrival, enjoy a coffee or tea from our beverage bar and relax in one of our comfortable dental chairs. Our hygienist will review your dental history with you and any concerns or goals you have for your teeth and smile. We use only state of the art equipment including intraoral cameras which take images that magnify your teeth so you see them up close the way we do. Together we will look at the pictures and discuss dental treatment options customized for your specific needs.

“I have never had such a thorough dental visit. Jennifer and the doctor explained everything so well. I learned a lot about my teeth.”- R.D.

Your Child’s Checkup and Cleaning

We Love Kids! We have many children in our practice and our Cherry Valley Dental Kid’s Club. We see kids starting as young as 6 months old, no pediatric specialist needed. It’s never too early to bring your infant or toddler in for their first dental wellness checkup. They may not have very many teeth yet but it is an important first step in learning how to care for them once they do come in. We have lots of great tips and advice to help you care for your child’s teeth.



         As your child grows, so does their dental experience. We will clean their teeth, take digital x-rays to monitor their growth and development, provide guidance with brushing and flossing and protect their teeth with a fluoride treatment.

It is our goal to give your child positive dental experiences from an early age. Our dental assistants keep visits easy and fun. Kids look forward to coming back for their next checkup.

“My kids love going to the dentist. They can’t wait to go back! Thanks Dr. E ”- S.D.


The biting surface of permanent back teeth, and some baby teeth, often has deep, narrow grooves that are inaccessible to thick toothbrush bristles. Individuals with the best oral hygiene habits can’t always adequately clean out the plaque and bacteria from these naturally deep grooves and fissures. When plaque and bacteria are left behind, the risk for a cavity significantly increases. Applying a protective dental sealant to the biting surface of susceptible molars can reduce the chance of tooth decay by up to 80%. The liquid resin sealant serves as a barrier to the food particles and bacteria preventing them from adhering to the tooth surface. Sealants are a conservative, preventive treatment for those patients most at risk for tooth decay and cavities. Teens and younger children benefit most from this procedure. The new molars that erupt around age 6 and at age 12 are the teeth most frequently sealed. Some adults can also protect their molars with the simple application of sealants. The procedure is quick, easy, and painless.

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Ask us if you or your child can benefit from dental sealants. Cherry Valley Dental is your Duvall neighborhood kid’s dentist for preventive dental care.

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