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Broken teeth from an accident

This lovely lady had an unfortunate fall and broke her two front teeth. We were able to restore them back to normal using ceramic crowns. She is now all healed and smiling again!

Rotated and cracked teeth

Kindel had two rotated front teeth with cracks and defects in the enamel. She is smiling big now after conservative enamel removal and two pretty ceramic crowns.

Tooth wear and broken teeth

Mandana suffers from bruxism-tooth grinding. She had worn her teeth down significantly. She didn’t like to smile and show her teeth. The teeth were made longer, in effect, after a crown lengthening procedure and some crowns and tooth replacement. She is now smiling freely and has restored her mouth back to a healthy condition.

Crown replacement

Margarita had two old crowns from years ago. She disliked how the color did not match her other teeth. We replaced the crowns in two easy visits and she’s now thrilled with her more natural looking front teeth.

Replacing Missing Teeth

William lost two teeth over 20 years ago. A new bridge was made to replace the original one. He is back to chewing with the front teeth again and pleased with the color match.

Discolored Enamel

Small areas of stain and pitting from acid erosion restored easily in one visit with tooth colored filling material. Now the enamel is healthier and her smile is even prettier.

Discolored or Dark Tooth

Aaron had a front tooth that was darker than the others. Crowns can be used to mask deep discoloration and alter tooth shape and contours.

Childhood Dental Trauma

Sean fell and broke his front tooth in half. A temporary composite restoration was placed in a single visit to build the tooth back up to normal size while it continues to erupt into it’s final position in the mouth. Sean is pain-free and happy and the tooth is doing well.

Multiple Missing Teeth and Dental Implants

Hope’s journey began with orthodontic treatment to create adequate space and alignment to replace her missing teeth. The teeth were replaced with implant-supported crowns. She is now smiling freely and has restored her mouth back to a healthy condition.

Smile Makeover

Zane had mismatched upper front teeth. He was unhappy with the lack of uniformity, tooth wear, and dark gumline areas. We started with a smile design and digital mockup, followed by a trial period with temporary crowns and veneers. After a smile makeover, he has a youthful, uniform smile again.

Straighter Teeth with Clear Aligners

Sarah wanted her front teeth to be lined up and straight across. She is smiling big after about one year of clear orthodontic aligner treatment.

Broken Veneers

Michelle had veneers placed over 15 years ago to close a gap between her front teeth. The corner of one of her veneers broke off and the other one cracked. We started with a wax mockup to see if we could also change and improve the position of her two front teeth. Michelle loves the more retruded position and the natural look of her new veneers.

Smile Makeover

Josh suffered a blow to the face as a teenager and lost his upper front tooth. His lateral incisors were naturally undersized. He was unhappy with the discolored old bonding, the mismatch of colors, and the gaps between his teeth. We started with a smile design and digital mockup (shown above), followed by a trial period with temporary crowns and veneers. After a smile makeover, he has a bright, symmetrical, movie-star smile.

Peg Laterals & Undersized Teeth

Undersized upper lateral incisors are quite common. They can be made larger with bonded composite filling material during the teen years. The composite can be replaced with longer-lasting ceramic veneers as an adult.

Teeth Whitening

Alex wanted a brighter, whiter smile. We whitened his teeth in one 90 minute Zoom In-Office Power Teeth Whitening session.

Smile Makeover Enamel Hypoplasia

Nik’s teeth had dark and white patches and defects in the enamel from a condition called Enamel Hypoplasia. The upper front teeth had the most visible discoloration. He chose to treat the front four teeth conservatively with ceramic veneers. His smile is now brighter and more uniform. Sometimes small changes can have a big impact.

Broken Tooth and Crown

An old, defective crown suddenly broke off along with a portion of the neighbor tooth. She had been wanting to improve upon the previous crown yet maintain her characteristic space (diastema) between the front two teeth. A new crown and an adjacent veneer and she loves her restored smile


Front Teeth Space Closure


Natural spaces can be closed by moving teeth together with orthodontic treatment such as aligner therapy, or with bonding or ceramic veneers. This patient chose to close the space conservatively using only filling material in between the two front teeth.

Tooth wear and broken teeth

Ken broke his front teeth in an accident. His teeth had a lot of vertical cracks and characterization. Fracture resistant strong crowns were placed to blend in with his smile.

Closing Spaces with Clear Aligners

Natalie wanted to close the space between her teeth. She chose conservative tooth movement with clear aligner therapy to close the gap and is now smiling big.

Conservative ICON White & Brown Spot Treatment


This young person’s two front teeth grew into the mouth with hard white spots  present on the front of them. We were able to minimize and mask the white spots using the Icon technique. Icon is a resin infiltration technique requiring no cutting of the enamel.

Closing Spaces with Veneers

This patient wanted to close the space between their teeth and correct the reverse smile arc of the upper front teeth. With crowns and veneers we were able to achieve balance and harmony and closed the spaces.